Giving the gift of flavor in Burgundy
How libraries are like coral reefs.
The corals of Varadero have endured five hundred years of human conflict, but they may not survive Colombia’s fragile peace.

News and Highlights

Saving AtlantisCurrently making the rounds is my latest film, Saving Atlantis, which I co-directed with Justin Smith, about the plight of the world’s fast-vanishing coral reefs and those affected by it and fighting to save what remains. We’ve been screening from tiny timber towns to big cities and universities around the world. It is available to universities, schools and libraries via Collective Eye Films.

Three Days of Glory, co-directed/produced with Scott Wright, premiered in April at the Newport Beach Film Festival and will be screening at Landmark theaters around the country, available widely beginning November 16, 2018 from Gunpowder & Sky.

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