People on ship looking at eclipse


Viewing the eclipse seventy miles off of the Oregon Coast: thoughts on hype, denial, climate change and whatever remaining hope we have to make things right. Read Full

27 Aug 2017

The Tenkara of Communications (an Inside Higher Ed blog post)

I realize that I’m taking a bit of a risk by building a communications blog post around the concept of Tenkara, which is a radical if obscure form of fly fishing practiced in Japan. Read Full

17 Aug 2017

Old books and ecosystem services

How libraries are like coral reefs. Read Full

06 May 2017
JFK speaks to crowd in Berlin

Words and Walls

A blog post from Inside Higher Ed about misguided policy, fear and the power of kindness. Read Full

02 Mar 2017
Varadero, a Colombian reef

The Heroic Reef

The corals of Varadero have endured five hundred years of human conflict, but they may not survive Colombia’s fragile peace. Read Full

25 Jan 2017
Painting of Alex von Humboldt in his study

Five books that helped me survive 2016

Five books that I read in the past year that changed the way I think. Read Full

17 Dec 2016
Eliot Glacier, Mount Hood

In post-fact America, stories still win

A blog post from Inside Higher Ed about how we can fight the decidedly un-enlightened vision of the incoming regime. Read Full

15 Dec 2016
Camera and vineyard wall

Back to Burgundy – Three Days of Glory

Heading back to Burgundy to make a film about a tough year and a great wine celebration. Read Full

09 Sep 2016
Open book in front of Netflix screen

A visual storyteller’s guide to active consumption

How to keep yourself on the active side of the consumption equation. Read Full

03 Sep 2016
Family on a boat next to a freighter

Plunder on the Spanish Main

Feeling like a pirate leaving Cartagena not with a ship full of stolen Spanish plunder, but with a treasure of stories of the people working to save a small piece of of threatened reef. Read Full

30 Jul 2016
David Baker by teslathemes