The hearth is your friend

This is the only truth. As much as writers might be in love with the romance in Dylan Thomas’s notion of the hearth killing the writer, a working stiff life can be your greatest ally. A full-time job requires punctuality. It requires a schedule. And when you start to wedge moments into that schedule for Read Full

17 Jul 2008

Morning dialog

Cats that wake you at first light are useful. Suddenly you’re stumbling to the garage with a cup of cat food, bleary eyed, wondering where you are. You walk past where the Mac is charging on the counter, and suddenly you’re sitting on the front porch typing (or more likely deleting) dialog on your script Read Full

13 Jul 2008

Hurricane Lili: Chapter One

SUN-SPARKLE ON whitecaps, stiff onshore breeze pushing the smell of rotting kelp and turtle grass off of the beach, massing clouds on the horizon dark and promising rain: this was the backdrop to the girl on the day that things changed. I watched her over the top of my book and over the rims of Read Full

18 Jun 2008

Disappeared: Prologue

When death came to Angel Hervias on a rock outcropping seven miles north of the border, he barely recognized it.  It wasn’t a jaguar’s cough.  It wasn’t an owl perched on a limb alongside the path.  Nor was it the vision of his sister dressing his own grave with pine boughs on the Day of Read Full

18 Jun 2008

The Last Ramble of Wolf 18

A century after timberwolves had been officially declared extinct in Missouri, one wolf traveled 460 miles with hopes of recovering this lost frontier. This article originally appeared online in 2002. WHEN WALKING AT NIGHT, I’m tempted to howl. I have a feeling that a wolf might respond. That’s a strange impulse in central Missouri. Howling Read Full

07 May 2006

Back from Ciudad Juarez

Spent a few days on the border. The border patrol didn’t believe me when I said that I was, “just walking around.” I suppose there aren’t many gringos who just wander the back streets of Juarez unless they’re looking for drugs or sex or some sort of nastiness. But the residential districts close to the Read Full

06 Apr 2005

Still all about the content

It’s funny, after years designing for the web, how often I forget the old mantra: content is king. This site is proof. It’s a simple concept (the best concepts always are) where folks send in anonymous postcards revealing a secret. The best are posted to the web. It doesn’t get any more basic…it’s a virtual corkboard. Read Full

31 Mar 2005
David Baker by teslathemes