What to read this summer: recommendations from writers who teach

A pair of fiction writers and teachers offer their summer reading picks. Read Full

13 Jul 2016

Zester Daily – Burgundians dig deep to face climate change

I returned to Burgundy for the first time since writing my novel Vintage. Read Full

11 Jul 2016

From disaster cassoulet to La Belle Époque

Within the span of a single day, I recently experienced the best and worst French meals of my life. Read Full

26 Jun 2016
Cartograph Wines

Small wine clubs

How and why to join a small wine club or two. Read Full

13 Apr 2016
book on shelf

Libraries are awesome

“I’m waiting to check your book out at the library,” someone once told me. I wanted to tell him to just go out and buy it. But I didn’t. And I’m glad. Here’s why. Read Full

25 Mar 2016

Home for the holidays

Some food, travel and social notes from holidays in Central Europe. Read Full

11 Jan 2016

Balancing career and calling: insights from three writers

Balancing writing and literary careers can be precarious and challenging. Here three writers give their take on how they wrangle a “bi-vocational” existence. Read Full

01 Dec 2015

Eating Poisson Cru in the tropics

Poisson Cru is French for raw fish. But as the local Mo’orean who told us about the best restaurant that serves it says, “the only thing French about it is the name.” It’s the traditional dish of the Society Islands, and much of Polynesia. We tried it in a restaurant run by a woman named Irene who, we Read Full

12 Nov 2015

Sacred places

I return from a trip away to learn about the mass shooting in Roseburg. A classroom full of beautiful people. A writing class, no less. Everyone has their sacred places. Writing classes rank highly among mine. Read Full

03 Oct 2015
Vine rows in vineyard in Pommard

Creating a life in wine

It’s rare when you find someone who has figured out exactly what he wants to be when he grows up and then take that extra step to actually make it happen. But Scott Wright is one of those people. Read Full

11 Sep 2015
David Baker by teslathemes