Saadeddin: Saudi Pastries

When you think of Saudi Arabia, pastries might not be the first thing that come to mind. But maybe they should be. Read Full

16 Mar 2015

Arabian Food Adventures

On the road producing a film about Red Sea corals in Saudi Arabia, we stumbled into some amazing meals. Read Full

07 Mar 2015

A Cook’s Tour of Phoenix

Wendell Crow of Crow’s Dairy supplies fresh goats milk and cheese to some of the best restaurants in Phoenix. Read Full

28 Dec 2014

An Afternoon on Jenny Creek

Filmmaker Darryl Lai and I recently spent the afternoon in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument along the river bottoms of Jenny Creek with Jack Williams of Trout Unlimited. Read Full

10 Nov 2014

Lila & Dobby make clam fritters

On the shores of Willopa Bay, I found my newest grandparents. Read Full

13 Sep 2014

A legacy

Ten years ago today, Oregon lost a visionary winemaker. Read Full

04 Sep 2014

Sunset Beers

I spent a few days on Lizard Island working on a series of stories and videos for Oregon State, as well as shooting a trailer for our next documentary: the very sad and sobering story of the decline of our coral reefs around the world. There are only a few moments when you can step Read Full

15 Aug 2014
Produce bins at farmers market

Bounty under the sun

“The temperature is hovering around 100 degrees right now in Phoenix,” the pilot announced. Then, dryly, “We expect it to climb steadily to two or three hundred by the time we land.” I have to admit to a little bit of dread over my trip to the Valley of the Sun. The temperate nature of Read Full

29 Jul 2014

The home stretch

After four years, seven states, seventy interviews, three name changes and what seems like an endless process, we’re finally nearing the home stretch. Now we’ve got a rough edit of the film and we’re raising some finishing funds to help us launch the film in 2014. Check out our campaign on Kickstarter, and look for Read Full

17 Jan 2014

A tale of American vino

This past Friday we screened our documentary, American Wine Story, for some of the film’s subjects. It was bit of a nail biter as you always wonder how folks are going to react, especially to a film that’s largely about them. The reception was very enthusiastic. This is an inspirational flick about the American Dream Read Full

10 Nov 2013
David Baker by teslathemes