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American Wine Story (FilmBuff, 2014)

After an upstart winemaker’s untimely death, his sister steps in to try to save his fledgling winery for his eight-year-old son: American Wine Story blends this with other tales of risk and reinvention for those who are born again into the wine industry. If you discovered your true calling late in life, would you have the courage to start over?

Saving Atlantis (Collective Eye, 2018)

Saving Atlantis is a feature documentary about one of the most consequential issues of our time: the dramatic decline of global coral reef ecosystems and the impact on human populations that depend on them. On a journey to the world’s most imperiled reefs, from Colombia to Polynesia, Australia and Saudi Arabia, you’ll meet the people whose lives are shaped by some of the world’s most diverse, most ancient and most imperiled habitats.

Three Days of Glory (Gunpowder and Sky, 2018)
A feature documentary about the world’s greatest wine celebration in the most storied wine region during the most brutal year, Three Days of Glory takes you behind the scenes to events few have seen before. And along the way you’ll discover the true spirit that drives the humble farmers who make the world’s most sought-after wines. Purchase here.



Vintage (Touchstone, 2015)

When a washed-up food journalist learns the secret of a legendary lost vintage of Burgundy stolen during World War II, he sets off on a trans-European quest to find the wine that might save his career and his failing marriage. Called “spellbinding” by Library Journal and “positively delightful” by the Seattle Times, Vintage is an adventure about wine, food, redemption and the healing powers of a great meal.

book-geneircThe Coral Sea (in-progress)

A Colombian girl risks everything to escape her fishing village after development depletes the local reef; a top scientist surrenders her reputation and career to save a Pacific atoll; a lonely widower brings his daughter to the reef where he spent his honeymoon only to find it dramatically changed: this collection of five novellas views the global phenomenon of coral reef decline through a human lens.

book-geneircFlyover Country (in-progress)

An alcoholic celebrity sommelier leaves his fast-paced life in California for the rural hometown he abandoned in a last-ditch attempt to dry out. There he meets a single mom and cooking show addict with hubristic plans to open a fine restaurant of her own. Together they wrangle small town skeletons and big city ambitions, ultimately forced to chose between new lives on the nation’s dream coasts or making a stand in the hauntingly beautiful backwater they’ve only just begun to appreciate.

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