Still all about the content

It’s funny, after years designing for the web, how often I forget the old mantra: content is king. This site is proof. It’s a simple concept (the best concepts always are) where folks send in anonymous postcards revealing a secret. The best are posted to the web.

It doesn’t get any more basic…it’s a virtual corkboard. But I spent more time perusing this simple site than I have on any art or concept website in recent memory. These postcards (some artistically brilliant) contain some of the most powerful sentences I’ve read in some time. In many ways it’s even more striking than the bittersweet group therapy of, and that’s saying quite a bit.

The developer, Frank Warren, uses a basic template on Blogger with no frills, bells or whistles. The site even caught the attention of NPR(where I heard about it). Lovely designs and attention to detail are fine, but a solid concept and strong content, partnered with an easy avenue for audience participation, wins out every time. End of article

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