Mr. SMITH walks into the room and lays his briefcase on the desk. He sighs.

Okay class. Today we’re going to talk about the Reagan Revolution.

The students yawn. He writes the words on the board.

Have any of you ever heard of this?

The students look around. They’re bored.

It was a very dark time in our country when a small-minded ideology and a room full of conservative blowholes (in both parties) basically controlled our government for  thirty years. It was a period characterized by greed, xenophobia, corporate handouts and generally screwing minorities, the working class and the occasional intern. Anyway, we’ll breeze through this lesson quickly so that we can move on to a brighter period in our nation’s history.


Here’s to hOpe. Go out and vote.

Published by David

Writer (Vintage), filmmaker (Three Days of Glory and Saving Atlantis), bookreader.

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