Six excellent screenwriting and film blogs Solid industry insight from the writer of Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate factory; this blog is an ideal blend of real information delivered with personality and opinion; John’s enthusiasm for the craft is infectious, and his honesty is refreshing. Though the title of this one seems rather mercenary, and the site’sContinue reading “Six excellent screenwriting and film blogs”

Why he writes: a Q&A with novelist J. Adams Oaks

Don’t call me kiddo. I REALLY hate it. People been calling me that way too long. Fever and Ma and Uncle Spade all call me kiddo, and it makes me crazy. See how I ain’t smiling? People who know me, know that means trouble. So begins the new novel by J. Adams Oaks, Why IContinue reading “Why he writes: a Q&A with novelist J. Adams Oaks”