Saving Atlantis

Saving Atlantis is a feature documentary about one of the most consequential issues of our time: the dramatic decline of global coral reef ecosystems and the impact on human populations that depend on them.

Coral reefs cover only 0.1 percent of the Earth’s surface, but they’re home to 25 percent of all marine species, and they’re being lost at an alarming rate. Pollution, overfishing and climate change are some of the human-influenced culprits in the dramatic decline of these magnificent natural structures. Coral reefs serve as a lynchpin in the global food web. Their decline leads our entire planet in a perilous direction. But research from scientists around the world hints at bright spots where real strides can be made in preservation and protection of these habitats.

Saving Atlantis premiered at the American Documentary Film Festival in 2018 and was official selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival, BendFilm, the Portland Film Festival, the United Nations Association Film Festival as well as screening at universities, museums, institutes, theaters and village squares around the world.

This film is available to schools, libraries and nonprofits via Collective Eye Films.

You can stream it on Amazon Prime or Hulu, or purchase it on iTunes.

I co-directed and produced this film with Justin Smith.