My latest film, co-directed with Justin Smith, is now available on Amazon Prime, iTunes and elsewhere.

Vintage book cover

My novel Vintage, published by Simon & Schuster in has been called “spellbinding” and a “must read.”

This wine documentary, co-directed with Scott Wright, is now available on Hulu and IMDB-TV.

My novella @SharkGirl79 was recently published in Failbetter.com. Read it online for free.

The Dilettante’s Field Manual

This series of posts and artist profiles digs into the creative process, the intersection of art and money, the joys of dilettantism and how to embrace your inner amateur. I’ll also profile artists I know whose work and attitude toward their craft I find inspiring.


To Japan

I never planned to go to Japan. It wasn’t an accident, just somebody else’s idea. That somebody else is my daughter. I’m in the incredibly fortunate position of writing and making films and media for a living. And sometimes I get to travel to wonderful places and tell stories about interesting people. For one projectContinue reading “To Japan”