The Field Manual

Defining creative

success on

your own terms.

The aim of this series is explore the science and practice of creativity and to celebrate amateurs and dilettantes everywhere while I question the role of commerce in the pursuit of artistic work. I hope to encourage artists and writers…including myself…who may occasionally doubt the value of their own creative output. And then I also aim to celebrate some of the people I’ve met throughout the years who pursue creativity for something bigger than ego or money.

The Steeple Chase – part II

In this post we’ll break the Steeple Chase Exercise into its respective parts and show how its playful qualities are the perfect match for literary dilettantes.

The Steeple Chase – part I

I’m going to share the best thing I learned in graduate school. It’s an exercise called the Steeple Chase and and it’s tailor-made for dilettantes.

On dilettantism

Over the course of this project I will dig into the details of dilettantism and how useful it is for artists…

Embracing your inner amateur

I’m a writer and a filmmaker. I can say that now without visibly cringing and with only a minor internal flareup of the old imposter syndrome…

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