Back to Burgundy – Three Days of Glory

Camera and vineyard wall

(Photo: filming a vineyard on the edge of the village of Volnay, Bourgogne)

I’ve been partnering with Burgundy expert Scott Wright on a new documentary about the greatest wine celebration on Earth, Les Trois Glorieuses, or the Three Days of Glory. It’s a series of events that take place after harvest each November. I wrote about this event in my novel Vintage, tackling it in fiction largely because I never thought I’d get the chance to go.

But here I am planning to shoot the event. I’ll be behind the camera and probably won’t be sampling most of the amazing wines that get uncorked for this celebration. How it works is that the winemakers who attend the events bring bottles from their cellars…amazing stuff made by their ancestors and that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere this side of a Sotheby’s auction block.

We’re raising funds now for the campaign. Independent film isn’t cheap or easy, but it’s always an adventure. We’ve already interviewed a number of winemakers and experts, and a fascinating story is unfolding due to this year’s challenging weather.

Here’s a look at the trailer:

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