Telling stories for fun and profit

I’ve made up stories since I was a kid. I started my own version of The Hobbit at least eleven different times. Then later on I tried making up stories that were more original. A few were. Many weren’t. Some were good. Others lousy. Ultimately, stories are aggregations of a thousand overheard conversations, films, books, poems,Continue reading “Telling stories for fun and profit”

Commercial script

I wrote the following script for a broadcast commercial for Oregon State University. Our marketing director challenged the web/multimedia team to come up with and execute a concept based on our brand platform and OSU’s historic leadership in the area of sustainability.  And here’s the result.  A friend said of the voice: “It’s kind ofContinue reading “Commercial script”

Stream of consciousness editing

I think it’s probably a misnomer to call this thing a reel. It’s really just a collection of shots from various projects and home movies over the past year, strung together by some transition techniques I’ve been experimenting with. My seven-year-old daughter said the title should be called Mixture of Movies. So it’s probably notContinue reading “Stream of consciousness editing”

Multimedia Storytelling

I’ve stumbled across a new favorite blog by “multimedia journalist” Richard Hernandez who teaches media at Berkeley. He’s one of those storytellers who’s gifted in multiple mediums, from prose to video and motion graphics, and he’s got the energy of one of those rare and really good teachers who can convey an energy and enthusiasmContinue reading “Multimedia Storytelling”